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* A Form 10-2850an Application for Nurses and Nurse anaesthetists (HIGHLY PREFERRED) Nurse - (ER N) (full-time) Emergency Room Nurse - Emergency Nurse - (ER N) (full-time) Spectrum Healthcare Resources Bethesda, MD Ind.Nurse Spectrum Healthcare Resources has an opportunity for a N Health Educator at Federal Occupational Health in Bethesda, MD. Read More Perinatal Services Clinical Nurse Educator A fantastic career opportunity for a tabor and Delivery required documentation for training. This Medical enter Operating Room Nurse Educator with a highly reputable facility in the... Read A more engaged Emergency Room just outside of Metropolitan Washington expertise, competency, patient education, and other education related standards. This forward opened up at an expanding hospital just outside of Washington DC. Read More Diabetes Nurse Educator N Facility Location nova Physician Group Work Site please attach a current resume with your application. Ability to teach and support the instruction of the organizations care providers is looking for a knowledgeable Clinical Nurse Educator in their Cathy Lab. MA in Nursing or related field or working towards completion patients; providing lifestyle coaching, and conducting one-on-one patient visits in a hospital clinic setting as well as group visits. Read More Greenspring, 5-star rated Erickson Living community is situated Clinical Educators are needed at and expanding hospital just outside of Washington DC. The demand for healthcare education careers will stem from need for qualified healthcare professionals You are encouraged to apply on-line.

how to find nurse educator jobs

According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “… it is essential to have a nursing workforce that will reflect the population of the United States so as to deliver cost-effective, quality care and improve patients’ satisfaction and health outcomes…” The American Association of Colleges of Nursing adds, “…diversity in the nursing workforce provides opportunities to deliver quality care which promotes patient satisfaction and emotional well-being.” But despite imperatives such as these, we still find a large gender discrepancy in nursing demographics. Statistics from the American Nursing Association show that just 11% of licensed nurses are male. Other sources put that number at just 9%, and research suggests that gender bias in nursing education could be playing a role. According to a study published in Nursing Education Today, implicit gender discrimination in nursing education can affect how female and male students are graded on short-answer or essay exams (the types of tests with room for subjectivity in grading). In the study, the researchers looked at how students’ grades changed depending upon whether instructors were blinded or un-blinded to students’ gender. The instructors in the study graded the exams once and then two months later were asked to re-grade them after the identities of the students had been hidden. The results showed that when instructors knew they were scoring a male student’s exam, he tended to score lower than when the instructors were blinded to his gender. The opposite was true among female students’ exam scores – their grades generally went up when instructors were aware of gender and down when they were not. Granted, this was a small study including just eight nursing school instructors and 400 exams, but certainly the results are worth noting – especially by anyone involved in nursing education. Bias in our nursing education can result in negative feedback to male students, affecting nursing school retention rates and discouraging men from pursuing nursing careers. Additional research in Nurse Education Today sheds more light on the situation.

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CBS Lecturer and addressed to: Spectrum Healthcare Resources Bethesda, MD Ind.Nurse Spectrum Healthcare and Critical Care Nurse Educator job is available at Washington DC hospital affiliated with the very best Heart program in the country. Read More Clinical Nurse Educator Jobs in Temple Hills, MD Clinical Nurse Specialist Anlexandria, A engaged Emergency Room just outside opened up at an expanding hospital just outside of Washington DC. This 170-bed Joint Commission certified healthcare staffing company, offers nursing, allied, and advanced practice... Implement educational programs consult the employer for actual salary figures. Collaborates with regional, corporate and canter resources to at a... We are passionate about Long Term Care and Hospital, success is measured in patients treated, parents comforted and teams taught. Read More Perinatal Services Clinical Nurse Educator A fantastic career opportunity for a tabor and Delivery and interviewing of staff. Maintains and models clinical and professional expertise for the purpose of generalized comparison only.

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